Physical Therapy Business Services


  • If you are a physical therapist and would like to start your private practice
  • If you already have a existing private physical therapy practice and would like to build your practice
  • If you would like to have a rehab practice setup or improve the existing setup in a nursing home, retirement home, senior living residence or assisted living facility


Please contact Pankaj Jogi at Physical Therapy Artz for all physical therapy business solutions

Pankaj is here to help you plan your success........

Taking a step towards an independent private practice in physical therapy is not easy. If you have an intent towards independent private practice in physical therapy you are the one in very few people who take that initiative towards private enterprise. You will need just a little bit more assistance towards solidifying your intention and getting the process started for your private enterprise. With some help and mentoring you will be on your way towards a successful physical therapy private practice. Pankaj is looking forward to helping you with your professional and entrepreneurial success.

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