"I have as a senior, had many occasions to visit several physical therapists for various ailments. This time I visited Pankaj Jogi for my lower back condition. The results from Pankaj's therapy were excellent for me, and following his therapy and counsel I had a speedy recovery. I am back again (two years later) for a similar problem and I feel very optimistic of a similar outcome now."

M. Durko

"I am very satisfied with Pankaj Jogi's physical therapy treatment. Over the years I have had a major shoulder problem, but I did not seek any help for my shoulder. When I came to Pankaj, he identified the problem and I felt significant improvement following his physical therapy treatment, and the shoulder I think will eventually be 100%."

B. Bull

"I chose Pankaj Jogi as my physical therapist as I lived very near to his practice location. I must admit, what a great choice it was! I came to Pankaj for my neck and shoulder problem. I am almost free of pain and my neck and shoulder motion is nearly full. Now I can function well. I am confident of a full recovery."

C. James